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内容概要:We are in a kind of discovery and with some part of programs that are advancing in knowledge very rapidly, perhaps in five years we will have enough genetic information to put it all together and then if it is a comprehensive assessment that we can do with genetics then it would make sense to start applying it clinically but right now we are just scratching the surface.

    International Diabetes :  In assessing high risk populations there is always the flip side to that where it might be good science but it could be costly to do it so it does not get done.

    Dr Krauss:  I actually think the finance and the cost of doing genetic testing is not going to be very limiting because the cost of that right now is becoming so rapidly down to being very competitive with some standard tests that we already do and we may even be moving to a point in the next several years where much more extensive genetic testing using sequence analysis rather than just looking at specific phenotypes will be affordable.  That is still going to be a while away but it fits one of the other questions that was raised and that is how useful is this information.  What we are finding is that there is a lot of individual variation at the gene level that involves rather uncommon genetic polymorphisms that may appear to be important for one individual but may only be present in a very small percentage of the population.  In order to find those variations one has to apply a much more extensive genetic analysis using sequencing of the genome to find all these less common variants.  Right now we are focusing on the more common variations that we find in the general population that we can more easily identify.  We are learning that those do not account for the full spectrum of variation and the traits and the lipid traits for example so sequencing where we look for everything and help us find the rare as well as the common.  The technology is moving fast enough that some time in our professional lifetimes, sooner rather than later probably, we will be able to do this much more extensive sequencing and then I see a much more rosier future for the genetics because that way we will be covering all the possible variations and that will be much more likely to be helpful.

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