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内容概要:We are in a kind of discovery and with some part of programs that are advancing in knowledge very rapidly, perhaps in five years we will have enough genetic information to put it all together and then if it is a comprehensive assessment that we can do with genetics then it would make sense to start applying it clinically but right now we are just scratching the surface.

    International Diabetes : So is that to say that genetic testing perhaps has not become fully fledged?

    Dr Krauss:  We are now at a time where genetic information is exploding using so many of the tools we now have avilalbe but we also are learning that from these studies the genetic data that we are obtaining does not come close to explaining all the variation that we see among individuals in the population.  So we are beginning to use this to make inroads in establishing what genetic factors are involved but to use the genes itself really raises lots of questions about how we are going to use that information in practice because we are only able to apply this information to explain a relatively small percentage of the traits that we are interested in.  


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